[AG-TECH] another invalid passphrase problem

Lewis Grantham l.grantham at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Apr 2 07:33:30 CST 2004

Hi Jennifer

> Hi all,
> We have a user here who is getting an "invalid passphrase" response. His 
> certificate is only a week old, so I can't imagine it would have 
> expired. He has the appropriated Trusted CA certificates. He is running 
> as the same Windows user as he was when he installed the software, and 
> has successfully run the Venue Client as this user. Any suggestions what 
> we should check next?
we had a similar scenario.  was a mix up with the installed certs.  our 
old cert was half overwritten with empty/new keys when someone ran the 
newer AGTK installers. didnt complete, but flipped enough bits around to 
upset things. this mis-match led to a lot of head scratching as to why 
our passphrase was roundly rejected over and over.

might be worth checking the usercert.pem and userkey.pem are the correct 
file pair originally issued, and always keep a good backup copy 
somewhere safe.  its easy enough to reimport them through the venue 
client menus to return to a known good state.

good luck

Lewis Grantham LLB MSc
Project Leader
Media Resources (Multimedia Unit)
Windeyer Building
Cleveland St


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