[AG-TECH] bridging H.323 to AG questions

Mike Pihlman mikep at es.net
Thu Nov 20 11:11:13 CST 2003

VRVS handles AG to H.323 interop via their reflectors.  Go here to find
out more:


Also, I recently tried, on my desktop, a product from Insors...


Both work pretty well!


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> Subject: [AG-TECH] bridging H.323 to AG questions
> hi,
> i know there's been discussion about how to connect h.323 
> users to the AG,
> but i'm a little confused about how this works and how well it works.
> i find myself in the position of trying to connect two remote 
> sites, one with
> a H.323 appliance, the other an AG node. i can do H.323 and 
> AG in the same
> room.
> seems likes taking h.323 output and feeding into an AG box 
> means encoding
> a pre-encoded signal which must reallly degrade the image.
> also, taking the AG output and feeding it into an H.323 box 
> must not look
> very good.
> am i getting this procedure right? and is it usable? any 
> experiences shared
> would be helpful.
> thanks,
> -gurcharan

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