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Wed Nov 19 08:32:52 CST 2003

I can confirm this. With WinXP only ONE Haupauge WinTV card
is supported.
Workaround: several computers with one haupauge card each
or other video capturing card. I'm using a Winnov Videum 4400
4 port card (it's possible to bring this card to work with vic). 


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>Is it still the case that the Windows drivers operate on the 
>assumption that you will only have one Hauppauge card?  If so, 
>can anyone suggest a workaround?
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>For what it's worth - the Windows drivers operate on the 
>assumption that 
>you will only have one Hauppage card installed.  I spent a couple of 
>days wallowing through this mess and have come to the conclusion that 
>Osprey cards are a better option for Windows.
>Cindy Sievers wrote:
>> OK, I looked in the archives, and maybe I'm missing something..... 
>> What video cards are people using in PIG nodes (single 
>machine XP) for 
>> multiple camera video capture? I had 4 Hauppauge WinTV cards in my 
>> room based node (video machine running linux). But when I 
>rebuilt the 
>> room node on a single XP machine with only 2 available PCI 
>slots, vic 
>> won't recognize even two Hauppauge cards.  The PIG node seems to run 
>> everything else just fine, but I really need 4 cameras. What are 
>> others using for video capture on the PIGS?
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