[AG-TECH] vic fact

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 18 10:43:53 CST 2003

Robert Olson wrote:
> What is happening is that rat uses the same port number for the source port 
> and destination port, but vic uses a randomly-assigned port number for its 
> source port.
> I've poked a little about changing this behavior in vic, but the 
> straightfoward fixes I've tried haven't changed it; looks like it'll be 
> more important as time goes on to get this taken care of - after SC perhaps 
> I'll try to take another stab at it.

mash vic has an option to use the same port numbers, it is
enabled with the -rtptv flag to vic (it is so named since
rtptv also relies on matching port numbers).  the network
code in uclvic and mash have diverged a bit over the years
but the fix from mash could probably be ported back to
agvic with a little work...


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