Grzesiek Sedek jesi at jinxt.net
Fri Mar 28 17:08:35 CST 2003

Dear all,
I'd like to invite you for a presentation on Art and Performance in
Virtual Reality in Marcel Room on Access Grid. 

March 29, 2003  

11.00 a.m.: presentation of a shared virtual space (visitors can explore
an interaction and experiments in virtual reality; discussion with

7.30 p.m.: performance 

All times GMT+1

Due to limited bandwidth it would be appreciated if you could transmit
just one video per site. (bridged connection from Prague, we will use
only one video stream)

Hope to see you there.


Purpose/State of the art:
The idea of an electronic gallery & laboratory for virtual art reflects
today’s status under which the artists create and present their
artworks. There is a kind of misunderstanding between the common way of
art presentation in galleries and museums and the very emerging artistic
forms, directly on electronic media (e.g. net art or virtual

Though the galleries and museums are getting on-line these days, still
they treat the artists and artworks in an old-fashioned way. Even the
progressive net-galleries are founded just on a simple point & click
navigation which is hostile to both artists as well as the audience. 

What is missing these days is an intuitive approach in the field of
virtual environments and communities oriented into visual arts and
artistic collaboration. A new type of gallery is needed, combining
and/or transforming the advantages of virtual space of the Internet with
the traditional aspects of artistic creation/presentation. 

Grzesiek Sedek <jesi at jinxt.net>
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