[AG-TECH] Testing in Marcel Room

Grzesiek Sedek jesi at jinxt.net
Thu Mar 27 18:30:00 CST 2003

Hi all,
It will be non-interactive transmission-test, to be confirmed. 

All times GMT+1

March 28, 2003 

11.00 a.m.: press conference with multimedia presentation of a virtual
gallery and the work in the internet


12.00 a.m.: performance (virtual reality, motion capture and
contemporary dance); demonstration of the interconnection with art
centres in France and Spain: on-line interaction

2.30 p.m.: open discussion with artists and new media theorists (project
evaluation; possibility to explore an

interaction and experiments in virtual reality)

7.30 p.m.: performance

9:00 p.m.: demonstration of a shared virtual space
Grzesiek Sedek <jesi at jinxt.net>
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