[AG-TECH] Matrox Parhelia triple head AGP: 3 independent outputs???

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Thu Mar 27 08:05:17 CST 2003

I can look at this more closely tomorrow - but I believe there ar Matrox 
configuration tools that came with my Parhelia that let me choose to 
treat/not treat the 3 displays as one 3800x1024 display.  Maybe this was 
under the display options ... I don't remember as I am using it for 3 

Gurcharan S. Khanna wrote:

>we recently purchased the matrox parhelia card with triple outputs, hoping to
>use it for 2 projector displays and 1 console display, which requires 3
>independent displays. however, it seems that the drivers only support 2
>independent or stretched displays + 1 "Feature" display (only takes input from
>DVD, etc.???) or 3 stretched displays.
>1) is this really the case?
>the 3 stretched displays work except that if the primary display is an end one,
>then some apps will pop up in the middle display (projector); or if the primary
>display is the middle one, then the icons on the desktop tend to live on the
>leftmost display (another projector).
>2) anyone else encountered this and/or have any suggestions? otherwise, i'll
>have to buy a PCI card for the console display and leave the 3rd parhelia output
>for when i might have a third projector (but it seems a waste not to use it).
>3) given the price of the matrox g400 at over $500, are there less expensive PCI
>cards that are of equal performance and that would be compatible with the
>parhelia card to create a single logical display? i'm assuming that sticking to
>the same vendor might be safer?
>thanks for any feedback,
>Gurcharan S. Khanna, Associate Director
>Research Computing, Dartmouth College
>gkhanna at dartmouth.edu
>office: 603-646-1644

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