[AG-TECH] 4Front audio driver/spdif question

Jeremy Mann jeremy at bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu
Thu Mar 20 08:02:51 CST 2003

> I just installed the 4Front oss audio driver on our portable AG audio
> machine. I am able to record audio from spdif-in using
> gnome-sound-recorder, but I am unable to record and play sound from the
> microphone input.  osstest works just fine.  Soundcard Detection detects
> my Intel 82801DB AC chip and reports Module i810_audio and plays the
> sound test fine.    This chip requires the additional oss Intelpci
> driver.
> When I try to start rat using a CD to provide constant audio input to
> the microphone set as input (CD playing on control machine, output to
> mic in on audio machine), rat sometimes doesn't start, and sometimes
> crashes.

Unfortunately, this soundcard will not do full-duplex. Most onboard audio
controllers are not capable of this. I would definitely recommend getting
a PCI soundcard like the SoundBlaster PCI128.

> I've been fighting with audio on this machine for a few weeks now.  Any
> suggestions?

I too spent quite a lot of time testing soundcards and have found that the
SoundBlaster PCI128 (even though its considered old) works like a champ.
Even the kernel level OSS sound module will do full-duplex so I didn't
need to buy a license from 4Front.

Jeremy Mann
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