[AG-TECH] join in ANL Test Room?

Darin Oman darin at ucar.edu
Tue Mar 18 11:38:27 CST 2003

Hi Anne,

There's a good chance that nobody will be able to see you right now. 
We've had multicast problems for a couple of days now, and I just talked 
to our network guy (David) about it. It appears as though there is a 
problem with the Abilene router in Denver. I would assume that this 
would cause you problems as well. David has a ticket in with Abilene.


Anne M. Hammond wrote:

>Can you see our video and/or audio in the
>ANL Test Room?  LCD/University of Colorado
>Anne M. Hammond                           Anne.Hammond at Colorado.EDU
>UNIX Systems Mgmt                         303-492-5578  (FAX -5235)
>Laboratory for Computational Dynamics (LCD)
>JILA / University of Colorado at Boulder
>Boulder, CO 80309-0440

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