[AG-TECH] New Node Assitance Please - Inbound audio & video freezes

Gregory Bell grbell at lbl.gov
Fri Mar 14 14:53:22 CST 2003

> > Here's a stab in the dark: you might ask your network people to
> > disable IGMP-snooping / CGMP temporarily, to see if that helps
> > (we had a "freezing" problem related to CGMP). 
> Where is IGMP-snooping/CGMP disabled? Locally, backbone, everywhere?
> (I am not a really a network person so I am not sure what these 
> paramters mean or where they are found)
On the local switch(es) serving your AG node machines.  As I'm sure your 
network person will point out, disabling IGMP-snooping/CGMP will cause 
multicast traffic to be flooded on the subnet, but it might help rule 
out a failure mode.  Our own CGMP problem caused seemingly-random 
episodes of severe packet loss, but there was no regular cycle.  We 
eventually moved the AG-node machines to a dedicated subnet, which is 
now CGMP-free.

    Greg, LBNL

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