[AG-TECH] Test Room

Maat, Steve maats at wssu.edu
Fri Mar 14 14:07:55 CST 2003

Right about the time you poked me, we lost all streams (even my own) in the
Test Room. I bounced out to the lobby and back to clear things.

Still not sure what was wrong with the audio during our testing - the
network group was monitoring but could not offer any explination. Your video
looked OK but your audio was severly mangled and the RAT showed 101% Loss to
Me in the rat decoder category for your signal...

Oh well - thanks for the help.

BTW... I am still in the Test room if anyone else wants to stop by and
shout/wave. The network person has stepped out for a bite to eat but should
be back by about 4pm.

Stephen Maat

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Maat, Steve wrote:

> WSSU is in the Test Room looking for someone to assist with a brief 
> audio/video test.
> Thanks
> Stephen Maat
I can see video from wssu.  I tried to tell you that through over audio,
but no response, and also over the moo.


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