[AG-TECH] Multiheaded audio capture?

Luc Renambot luc at evl.uic.edu
Fri Mar 14 10:11:47 CST 2003

Why do you need several sound cards ? If I remember correctly,
all the mics go to the Gentner, and the Gentner feeds one
sound card and the speakers. No ?
We felt into the same trap, according to the AG requirement
document, you need several cards. Somewhere later in the
document, in small, it's written that's for future experiments.
So we got 3 Ensoniq cards sleeping in a box...


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] Does anyone have experience with a multiheaded audio capture 
] card? The motherboards that we are considering don't have 
] enough 32 bit PCI slots for 4 Ensoniq cards.
] Also, do the display and video capture machines need to have 
] their own sound cards?
] Thank you,
] Jon Johansson.

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