[AG-TECH] TrackerPod?

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Mar 13 20:09:58 CST 2003

Definitely good points - now if they could do the control over the USB 
link, then you could theoretically put as many on as you have USB ports.

I think it's worth a note to the TrackerPod folks.  I'll let you know what 
I find out.


At 05:07 PM 3/13/2003 -0800, Jay Beavers wrote:
>I've taken a look at these.  You're right, they look cool.  My concern
>about them though is that the way they drive the automation of the
>camera is by opening a TCP port on your network card behind the scenes.
>While this might seem like a good idea, I'm concerned about security
>problems (and potential firewall problems) from their approach.
>Personally, I'd prefer something that I can control directly that
>doesn't have the security issues, much more like the RS-232 signaling of
>the Sony PTZ.  I'm also concerned (though haven't tested) that their
>approach won't work with more than one PTZ controller per PC, which is a
>little silly given that it's a USB device.
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>Just recently got a Logitech QP 4000 and a TrackerPod from
>Eagletron.  Looks like it could work very nicely - including the
>possibility of controlling the PTZ via a web page.
>Anybody else played around with this setup?  Seems like another
>Logitech = $199.
>TrackerPod = $199.
>Here's the link to the TrackerPod:

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