[AG-TECH] can anyone see us?

Don Morton donmorton at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 10 17:02:20 CST 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 15:26:03 -0700 (MST), "Anne M. Hammond"
<hammond at solarz.Colorado.EDU> said:
> We are attempting to set up grid software at the
> University of Colorado.  Can you see
> LCD / University of Colorado
> in the ANL Test Room?
> We are able to receive feeds from NCAR, but NCAR
> is not seeing us on either video or audio.
> TIA,
> Anne M. Hammond                           Anne.Hammond at Colorado.EDU
> UNIX Systems Mgmt                         303-492-5578  (FAX -5235)
> Laboratory for Computational Dynamics (LCD)
> JILA / University of Colorado at Boulder
> Boulder, CO 80309-0440

i don't see you from Montana, either, but do see NCAR and LANL....

you might try unicasting to our bridge....

vic agvvs.cs.umt.edu/50028

and see if that lets you in.  at least it allows you to determine if it's
just a multicast issue...

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