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Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Wed Mar 5 17:53:03 CST 2003

Thanks Sugree for your help and information.

Currently at the moment I am trying to implement a full Linux (RedHat)
install for an Access Grid.

Unfortunately most of the documentation provided for setting up an
access grid contains a Windows/Linux combination install.

Fortunately some of the local "Australian" Access Grids have been
providing me with some documents to help get things started.

I appreciate your help and to everyone who has replied.


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In my opinion, you should try both AG 1.0 and AGtk 2.0 to keep track of
development. I wrote a brief step-by-step installation guide for later
You may be interesting to read it as a guide-line.


Anyway, I got errors while trying to add services. Service Manager
find AudioService in local_services but it didn't find. Then, it tried
load the service online but again it read on wrong directory. The
value might be services/AudioService.zip. I guess that Service Manager
confusing the use of local_services and services.

===> cut here <===
Retrieving Service Package:
Exception in AddService, retrieving service implementation
--  exceptions.IOError [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
*** Method AddService exception ****************************************
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 3839, in do_POST
    fr = apply(f, args, {'_SOAPContext':c})
285, in __call__
    raise fault
faultType: <Fault : <Fault AGServiceManager.AddService failed: [Errno 2]
such file or directory: 'local_services/AudioService.zip': >>
===> cut here <===

Sugree Phatanapherom
g4465027 at ku.ac.th

> G'day People (Sorry for any multiple postings)
> My name is Jason and I am currently helping to develop a "PIGLET" for
> Central Queesland University.  After having a quick browse around the
> "Access Grid" and "Access Grid Toolkit" web pages, I am a little lost
> and was hoping someone could help me.
> I have downloaded the RPM's for the access grid toolkit version 2.0
> a question occurred to me, which version am I better off using.  I
> assume version 2, but for a beginner, would I be better off using an
> earlier version???
> Is there someone out there that would have a step-by-step installation
> guide for the software so that I can get a "portable" version of an
> access grid up and running?  Do I install all of the RPM's, or a
> selected few???  These are just some of the basic questions that I
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks for your time,
> Jason.
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