[AG-TECH] GGF7AGTutorial -View Only LIVE NOW 

Jim Miller jmiller at insors.com
Mon Mar 3 19:04:09 CST 2003

Sorry about that.  I will try again.

The AG Tutorial is going on now and is being broadcast in the Global Grid
Forum room.  There will be no interaction with other nodes but you are
welcome to see and hear the session.  The beginning session is this morning
(Tokyo time UTC+900) and the advanced begins at 1:30p (Tokyo time UTC+900)

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GGF7AGTutorial -View Only LIVE &#6532

The AG Tutorial
is being &#65
live in
the  Glob&#65
grid Foru&#65
357; institut
room.  They will not
be able to interact with nodes outside
GGF but you are welcome to see
and hear both the beginning session and
advanced &#65

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