[AG-TECH] Viewing VRVS room "mosaic" through AG?

Shahid Bhatti shahid at cs.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 18 11:53:34 CDT 2003


We don't have the multicast connectivity for our AG node on our campus
for a while because the gateway router is waiting for an upgrade. In the
meanwhile we decided to participate through VRVS (http://www.vrvs.org)
in an meeting with SDSC. The issue is that the room allocated for that
meeting is "NCSA-AG/Mosaic" and that cannot be reached through the
non-secured Venue pages of Access Grid. So is there a way in which we
can walk to Mosaic (and other rooms like that) through virtual venues?

The feature that'd be most desireable would be to hook up (any) chat
client with the participants of Mosaic room.


--Shahid Bhatti
CNT Group

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