[AG-TECH] Unified installers for Windows and LINUX

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Mon Jun 16 07:20:51 CDT 2003

Sorry for taking so long to respond....

I was thinking it might be easier to have a unified installer (windoze) 
that would install the components together (Not nessessarily all in one 
.exe). I have not played with the LINUX version yet (possibly today). 
The certificate management process seemed a bit strange having to 
cut/copy/paste into a file and apply an extension. I don't know if 
anything can be done to make that a bit easier, I could see issues with 
certs becoming corrupted during that process due to weirdness in mail 
clients (CR/LF....ect..).

The camera is a panasonic (I can't remember the model number off of the 
top of my head, but I'll write another message later). It may not be the 
camera  though since we've had spontaneous reboots when not running the 
camera as well.

-Doug Baggett

Ivan R. Judson wrote:

>Hi Doug,
>Can you tell give me a few more details so I can answer your question?  Are
>you thinking about a particular platform when you say kludgey? What part of
>the installation seems awkward? You mention certificates, is the awkwardness
>only related to certificate management issues?
>Btw, I've not experienced any hard reboots; which camera are you using?
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>>Are there plans for streamlining the installation process for the 2.0 
>>software? It seems a bit kludgey although strait forward. 
>>Just thinking 
>>of others who might not have as much experience with the process of 
>>getting the certs imported/exported.
>>Has anybody experienced hard reboots with vic and USB 
>>cameras? We were 
>>using 2.0 with vic and clicked on transmit and our system rebooted.
>>-Doug B
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