[AG-TECH] Unified installers for Windows and LINUX

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 12 14:56:02 CDT 2003

I have not been following the AG2.0 beta testing program
those questions should be directed to the agtech list
for the best answers

At 03:14 PM 6/12/2003 -0400, Douglas Baggett wrote:
   >Are there plans for streamlining the installation process for the 2.0 
   >software? It seems a bit kludgey although strait forward. Just thinking 
   >of others who might not have as much experience with the process of 
   >getting the certs imported/exported.
   >Has anybody experienced hard reboots with vic and USB cameras? We were 
   >using 2.0 with vic and clicked on transmit and our system rebooted.
   >-Doug B

Tom Coffin .......................... tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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