[AG-TECH] broken audio problems

Don Lewis djlewis at ualr.edu
Fri Jul 25 16:48:31 CDT 2003

For quite some time now we here at UALR and
now including UAMS have been experiencing broken and dropped
audio. The RAT packet monitor shows a lot of orange and red
on all sites at this point. If it is just a few of us in 
out institution room it does not happen. If in the TEST room
or other venues it happens. When other bridges have been
available the problem goes away.
   Speaking of these "other bridges" are they the quickbridge
that a hosting site is provideing? Is their purpose to clear
dropped audio?
   The video has always remained good when audio is dropping out.
If I have missed some pertinent readme's on the subject please
direct me toward them. I have tried to watch for information
on this subject.

Thank you and have a great weekend...

Don Lewis
Senior Computer Specialist
Graduate Institute of Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
voice: (501)569-8016
email: djlewis at ualr.edu

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