[AG-TECH] Anyone (else) interested in iSight/OSX nodes for th e Access GRID?

Winkelbauer, Ramona E. rwinkelb at nsf.gov
Fri Jul 25 09:24:47 CDT 2003

IOXperts' software doesn't currently work with iChat AV/iSight, so I
de-installed it <http://www.ioxperts.com/FAQs/faq_fwwebcam.html>, believing
that a functional iChat was worth more than a $20 set of drivers for the
competition, namely VRVS <www.vrvs.org>.

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--- Stephen Marsh wrote:
As an aside, I've played with OpenMash under X11 on OSX and have vic working
receive, but the drivers for iBot (which I have) aren't working - the
just crashes. Anyone have any luck there? OSX 10.2.6 on a G4 powerbook, if
that's of any help.

--- end of quote ---

i have exactly this same problem, using different firewire cameras (iBot,
dvcams) and the drivers from IOExperts. i think the drivers used to work but
longer? don't know if the drivers need updating or the code??? i'd love to
this work, too.

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