[AG-TECH] building a quickbridge

Kelly, Vaughn [NCSUS Non J&J] VKelly at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Thu Jul 24 12:13:05 CDT 2003

It should work with most standard installations, I've installed on 9.0 (RH)
with no problems. 

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Hey Russ,


That link is to the documentation project document on the quick bridge. 
It tells where to get the software in the document.  The only thing it
really doesn't specify is recommended OS, will quick bridge work with RH 9.0
is my question, anyone got experience with it?  Thanks

> Greetings,
> The time has come for me to build a quickbridge.
> Where is the software needed to do this and is there a document on 
> doing  so ?
> 	-Russ

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