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Roberts, Ian E ian.roberts at pnl.gov
Wed Jul 23 16:00:54 CDT 2003

I'm reminded of the conference table in the movie Demolition Man. Each
"seat" had a display with a face in it. The people who were "in" the
displays could control where they looked. Each display had a camera in
it and sound coming out. If you haven't seen it, that movie is worth it
for the interesting view of technology in the future - and it's very
funny to boot :)

P.S. There was a group at SC2001 (can't remember who) who had us arrange
their windows in a Brady Bunch arrangement so they would know who was on
who's left. It turned out to be very confusing for us operators who
didn't know which windows went where. Once it was set up, the effect was

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I think this is one of the interesting things about the AG.  Most
instances of folks speaking "into" a camera are one-on-one things, or
like the news reporter speaking to the newscasters back in the studio.  
At a "normal" AG meeting, say the SC2003 planning meetings, there are
generally 6 or more "speaking" participants - its difficult to look at
the camera and to look at the "person" you're talking to ... maybe we
could wear them mounted on the head such that when you turned to your
left, everyone would "know" you're tallking to the image (person) on the
left of your projected display ...

now, is that your left or my left ...

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