[AG-TECH] Has anyone tried...

David E. Bernholdt [bek] 574-3147 bernhold at trunk.csm.ornl.gov
Mon Jul 21 08:17:16 CDT 2003


This is a device which hooks up your computer speakers and mic and a
standard telephone to your sound card, automatically switching the
speakers on and off when you pick up/put down the phone.  (No software
involved.) It is targeted at VOIP telephony, and lists for $130
(though you can find it for as low as $85)

The reason I ask is that advertised features include "Full Duplex" and
"True Echo Cancellation inside".  Unfortunately, I can't find any more
substantive information anywhere.

Given the price, I'm pretty skeptical, but also curious.  My _guess_
is that "echo cancellation" is merely turning the computer speakers
off when you pick up the phone handset.  And of course a standard
phone (not speakerphone) is already full duplex.  So my _assumption_
is that this is worthless in an AG environment, but I'd be happy to
hear otherwise.

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