[AG-TECH] AGServiceManager.py

Thomas Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jul 18 11:39:10 CDT 2003


Try removing the file

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\AccessGrid\certmgr.cfg

This file records information about your certificate.  It looks like you 
tried to run one of the AG2 components before the certificate was in 
place, and bad data was stored in the certmgr.cfg file.  With the 
certificate in place, and the certmgr.cfg file removed, the file will 
get generated appropriately.


Rabarison Monika Klara wrote:

>When I start AGServiceManager.py on the Display Machine (Win 2000)
>I got the following error:
>Traceback <most recent call last);
>File "AGServiceManager,py", line 148, in ?
>  app.Initialize()
>File "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid\Toolkit.py", line 81, in 
>  self.certificateManager.InitEnvironment()
>File "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid\CertificateManager.py",line 
>648, in InitEnvironment
>File "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid\CertificateManager.py", 
>line 427, 
>in ConfigureProxy
>    raise e
>AccessGrid.CertificateManager.ProxyRequestError:Could not find certificate 
>for None
>However Grid Proxy Init tells me that I have created a valid proxy with 
>the certificate located in C:\Documents and 
>Settings\Administrator\Application Data\globus\usercert.pem
>Any hint?
>Monika Rabarison
>Systems Administrator
>Office of Information Technology/HPCVI
>Jackson State University
>SciVis Lab:(601)979-1061

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