[AG-TECH] Osprey multiple stream problems

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Wed Jul 16 10:33:53 CDT 2003

This was just a nuisance before, but now that I'm planning on showing this 
off to some folks who would rather not see glitches, I'd like to see if 
there's a solution - other than spending money.

I'm using two Osprey 210 capture cards in a AG node - outfitted right at 
the moment with AG 1.2 in the PIG configuration.  I am getting the 
complaint from the Osprey drivers that I'm trying to start up multiple 
streams and if I would just spend another $500 on an update to their 
drivers, they'll get rid of the problem.  This occurs when the video 
capture commences - on entry into the venue.  The silly thing is, if I then 
manually start the capture from the VRM, it happily starts up, and there is 
no problem.  This is with the 'Allow multiple opens of each board' checked 
in the configuration.  If I uncheck this option, I seem to get more 
intermittent crashes of the ddvic, but I don't get the complaint.

First of all, is there a setting that I'm missing?  Or is this just the way 
it works?

And second - is this fixed in 2.0?


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