[AG-TECH] 'Yellow' flash in vic

Luc Renambot luc at evl.uic.edu
Thu Jul 10 17:18:37 CDT 2003

Use the force, Alan:
  c:\> start [ /HIGH | /REALTIME | /ABOVENORMAL | /BELOWNORMAL] vic .....

That would have to be added into the program/script starting vic.

luc at evl dot uic dot edu

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] This would probably work great except for the fact that the 
] VIC processes are started and stopped as one changes rooms, 
] so it is necessary to change the priority each time after 
] moving to a new room.  If there was a way to just tell 
] Windows "always start VIC capture process at High", that 
] would probably solve the problem.  EVL made an attempt to try 
] to use batch files and to masquerade as "ddvic" when it was 
] really a batch file that started ddvic with High priority, 
] but mysteriously then the Video Resource Manager and Display 
] Resource Manager failed to appear.  One would have to assume 
] they are "hard-wired" to look for something.

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