[AG-TECH] Help with AG sites?

Jim Senechal jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed Jul 9 11:42:49 CDT 2003

I am attempting to set up an Access Grid event for Aug 20, 2003.  Here
is my dilemma, I need to get some people into the meeting that are at
New Mexico State University, is there a site close to them that isn't
listed on ANL page?  2nd dilemma, I need a site a U of
Wisconsin-Madison, I have talked with Micheal Redmond and he gave me
some info about possible other sites there, if you read this and can
help, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.

Jim Senechal, Digital Conference Specialist
North Dakota State University-ITS
1320 Albrecht Blvd
Fargo, ND  58105 

E-Mail  jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu
Phone  (701)231-6247

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