[AG-TECH] AGDP wish list

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Jul 8 13:55:07 CDT 2003

Hi everybody,

The AGDP has just published its first document specifically about AG 2.x:


Many thanks to Cindy Sievers for co-authoring with me!

And so of course I must now take this opportunity to point you all at the AGDP Wish List, and ask you to consider volunteering to write a document for the AGDP. This is a great way to share the expertise you've already developed, or to learn a new skill by diving in and writing the documentation (trust me on this one -- it's a good way to learn). The current wish list (plus some information on works in progress) is at:


Suggestions for new items to be added to the wish list are always welcome as well!


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