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Here was a note I sent about it.  I will have info on schedule and venues
later in the week.

As you may already know, inSORS is AG enabling the GGF-7 plenary track as
well as many of the WG/RG meetings to be held in Japan, March 4-7.

To get a better insight on the network load we might encounter, we were
wondering how
many sites plan to attend, either as a viewer only or possibly a participant
in one of the meetings.  All are welcome!  If you are planning to attend,
please send me an email so that we can plan properly.

Due to the timezone differences, inSORS will also playback each day's
session immediately after the end of the last scheduled meeting.

The entire schedule of events which will be available over the AG will be
published on
a scheduler developed by NCSA, based on the NCSA scheduler, specifically
designed for GGF7.  Many thanks to Shawn Davis and Jackie Kern at NCSA for
making this available to GGF7.  The schedule will be available at
http://ggf7.ncsa.uiuc.edu within the next few days.

Thank you and hope to see you at GGF7 (live or over the AG)
Jim Miller
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I don't recall if this was posted before, but will some of the Global Grid
Forum events be broadcast over the Grid?

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