[AG-TECH] multicast joining problem

Jae Yeon Lee jylee at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Mon Feb 24 23:19:34 CST 2003

To my thinking, there's a router setting problem in our lab., but still wonder  I why just seeing users in our lab in any of AG rooms.

that means, when I enter AG lobby, I don't see anybody except users in our same "netmedia"(it's the name of my lab.) group.

So we checked grouping list via mroute command with our router, but it just shows there are nodoby but us in AG lobby.

but, via TkMoo command @who, i checked there're many people in not only AG lobby but other rooms.

what's happened to our router? Or actually, is there another joining address & port # of AG lobby that we don't know yet?

is there anybody know about this kind of problems, please let me know.



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