[AG-TECH] Multicast Debugging Information

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Feb 21 05:45:57 CST 2003

Howdy Bill,

I support your idea of having this networking information captured by 
the Venues Client. I also wonder if there might be a bigger opportunity 
here too, in building a Grid Service in AG2 for multicast debugging; 
this of course would still require operators to run it, but if all (or 
many) operators in a session where a site is having difficulty were 
running such a service, perhaps it could gather even more useful 
information and support networking staff in other ways?

- Jennifer

Bill Nickless wrote:

> Thank you Ed,
> I agree completely that the first and foremost priority is to make the 
> meeting work for the attendees.  You're absolutely right.
> However, if the network doesn't work properly for a meeting, that fact 
> needs to be communicated to the network people so that it can be fixed.
> And it's still true that the network people need to know all of the 
> things I mentioned below: source/group IP addresses and a receiver 
> that's not working.
> The beacon can fill that requirement--but the node operators still 
> have to be sure the beacon client is running, and then tell the 
> network people about problems they run across.
> At 01:25 PM 2/20/2003 -0800, Ed Ritenour wrote:
>> Bill
>> From an operations point of view I agree with the first three items, 
>> but our
>> goal is to make the meeting a success. We have found that our users 
>> don't
>> necessarily care if the video is down as long as they can still 
>> participate in
>> the meeting. To do that they need need audio and slides. We have 
>> found from
>> past experience that it is unlikely a network problem will be 
>> resolved during
>> the testing process anyway and waiting up to the last minute to attempt
>> bridging or calling into an audio bridge makes it difficult to have 
>> successful
>> start.  By moving forward early on there is still time to finish up 
>> the power
>> point slides and any other in room issues. The client is still happy 
>> and if the
>> network comes up during the meeting that is all for the better. I 
>> realize this
>> makes it more difficult for troubleshooting so we should provide as much
>> inforamtin then ensure the clients needs are met.
>> Ed
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