[AG-TECH] Purdue Portable Access Grid Node Online

Jeff Shuckra jshuckra at hpcerc.unm.edu
Thu Feb 20 11:42:55 CST 2003

How 'bout some design specs and diagram on that bad boy? 

BTW, does it have remote control? That would be critical for remote
control mountain roaming and helicopter flying via the AccessGrid...


"Gay, Michael N." wrote:
> However crass it may be, I feel a certain pride in our accomplishments here
> at Purdue and feel compelled to brag a little.
> Thursday February 20, 2003 saw the first ever Access Grid conference
> originating from Purdue to use the new portable Access Grid unit designed
> and built by Purdue University's IT Telecommunications division.  The
> two-day conference, "Numerical Methods in Computational  Mechanics: Advances
> and Challenges," was too large to fit in Purdue's regular Access Grid
> facility and also would have conflicted with another Access Grid event
> originating from that facility.  The new portable Access Grid Unit (dubbed
> "Johnny 5" by the ITT Broadcast Networks and Services technical staff
> referring to the robot in the movie "Short Circuit") is truly portable and
> can be rolled around from room to room by one person, or carried in a van to
> a remote location.  The unit has a unique design allowing it to service a
> multiple array of venues, including small conference rooms, medium sized
> conference rooms and large auditoriums. The setup was conceived and designed
> by Michael Gay and constructed by Michael Gay, Scott Stremiecki and other
> BNS technical support staff.  Software setup and support was provided by
> Leslie Arvin (who worked several late night/early mornings to accomplish the
> mission in time for Thursday's event). Many  congratulations should go out
> to Scott and Leslie for their hard work to get this system  up an running by
> the deadline.
> Michael Gay
> Manager Broadcast Networks and Services
> Purdue University IT Telecommunications
> 128 Memorial Mall Room B20
> West Lafayette, IN 47907
> 765-494-5100
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