[AG-TECH] Reminder: Seminar on TRACE Center

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Mon Feb 10 08:17:02 CST 2003


The next seminar in the AG Users Seminar Series will be by Gregg
Vanderheiden of the University of Wisconsin Trace Center; details are 
below, and at http://scv.bu.edu/accessgrid/seminars/schedule.html .

This seminar will involve the use of a special applet for text captioning; directions for using this applet are at http://sarah.engr.wisc.edu/ModTransProto/AG/usingS2TApplet.html

If you're planning to attend, please register at:


Jennifer Teig von Hoffman
Boston University


             Access Grid Users Seminar Series
      Organized by the Alliance PACS Training Group

Wednesday, February 12, 17:00 -18:00 GMT (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST):

Designing a future that is more accessible to all humans and machines: 
An overview of projects at the Trace R & D Center, Presented by Gregg 
Vanderheiden, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

     * Virtual Venue: Full Sail
     * Registration is free but required
     * Abstract: New techniques and technologies hold the potential for 
allowing us to design standard technologies in a way that is more 
accessible to all, including people experiencing disabilities and those 
who are older as well as mobile computer users, non-technology oriented 
users of technology, and emerging intelligent machines and software 
agents. The Trace Center has been working in the area of Technology and 
Disability for over 30 years. Gregg Vanderheiden, director of the Trace 
Center, will provide an overview of the projects the Center has 
undertaken as well as current projects which number around 50 and touch 
on telecommunications, interface, network based services, Web 
technologies, standards, interface sockets and abstract user interfaces. 
The relation of disability access to better access for mobile computers 
and artificial agents will also be discussed.

These events are free of charge. Advance registration is required.

Detailed information:

Questions? Comments? Please send mail to accessgrid at bu.edu .

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