[AG-TECH] High res video streams, in AG VIC session

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Feb 5 09:38:57 CST 2003

I don't see that stream either, and I'm unaware of any current multicast 
problem at BU. Could somebody verify that they are in fact receiving 
that stream in vic?

- Jennifer

Gurcharan S. Khanna wrote:

>--- Christoph Willing wrote:
>We have a continuous RTPtv stream running for demo/testing purposes
>between our two labs. Hopefully you could see it too at
> (video only). It can be viewed with OpenMash vic (not
>at full resolution though) or RTPtv's own vclient program and I'd be
>interested in how it performs long distance.
>--- end of quote ---
>hi chris,
>i tried connecting to your stream via openmash vic but couldn't receive any
>we have noticed lately that we can receive some streams and not others depending
>what region of the country they originate from. not sure what the problem is,
>and i think others are experiencing similar anomalies.
>Gurcharan S. Khanna, Associate Director
>Research Computing, Dartmouth College
>gkhanna at dartmouth.edu
>office: 603-646-1644

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