[AG-TECH] Help with DPPT and VNC testing

Andrew Shewmaker` shewa at inel.gov
Tue Feb 4 14:20:36 CST 2003


We could use some help with testing Distributed Power Point 
and VNC.  Could someone please set up a server (for each) real 
quick and then send us the settings?

Also, we are being required to get ultra-specific with 
information about what other hosts our AG node needs to 
talk to.  For instance, they (network security) don't 
want to leave port 80 open so that we can browse any site.  
I don't know why that is a problem.  I would appreciate 
it if anyone who plans to serve power point slides would 
let me know their hostnames and port numbers.

Thank you,

Andrew Shewmaker
Associate Engineer
Phone:  208.526.1415
Fax:  208.526.4017

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
2525 Fremont Ave.
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