[AG-TECH] python coding

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Sat Dec 27 11:17:38 CST 2003


I do not know if you can control the position of where VIC and RAT appears
during startup using Python.  The graphical interface of VIC and RAT were
created using Tcl/Tk.  If you are using Windows, I think that the last
place that you close either VIC or RAT should generally be the place in
which it reappears (though I am not exactly sure of this; this trend has
held for other MS programs though).  Additionally, I do not recall being
able to set some value in a configuration script to do this.  Plus I am
not in front of the AG node to test this stuff, so I cannot be of much
direct help in the short-term.

Perhaps others have some ideas.

Research Assistant

On Sat, 27 Dec 2003, [iso-8859-1] kingliang ng wrote:

> Hi, 
>    i'm new to python. currently trying to set the position of the vic and rat at a specify location whenever it is started by AG. 
>    Can someone tell me how to go about coding it? By the way, is it possible to set the position of the vic and rat ( lets say top right hand corner for RAT, and below it is VIC ) whenever it is started by AG. 
>    Thx thx
> Regards,
> Bruce
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