[AG-TECH] Single computer node and good projectors

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
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Personally, I think I've been responsible for the purchase of
about 14 projectors and to a first approximation:

	none has required a bulb replacement

	one had the LCD panel go soft and green

	all (except the last 7) have been superceded because newer
projectors were brighter, more capable (w.r.t. resolution,
interfaces etc.) or quieter - the older machines were not
worth any work to renovate them.

These projectors have had one of three roles:

	service projector in heavily used meeting rooms

	service projectors in stereoscopic VR cinemas

	portable projectors for off-site (or across-site) use

We've used InFocus, LitePro, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp and
Electrohome projectors - not really much between them over
the years, although I quite like the Panasonics at the



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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Single computer node and good projectors
> We at LBNL are very interested in the answers to both the
> question of a good single computer to run a AG node and
> the question of which projectors people are using.
> We just looked at buying new projectors for our node and
> one of our people came up with an incredibly short mean
> time between failures for the projectors.  Could people responding
> with projector suggestions also give some information
> regarding the lifecycle costs they have experienced and
> the mean time between failures (including bulbs).
> Thanks,
> Deb
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