[AG-TECH] FireWire Cameras and VIC

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Dec 9 15:52:21 CST 2003

Gurcharan S. Khanna said:

> just want to make sure what i'm reading here: vic supports
> firewire cameras as input devices? i guess i missed that.
> does that mean firewire dv cams as well? is there documentation on this?

VIC supports (under Windows) any video device that uses a Windows video
capture driver. I forget the name, MS Capture or something like that. Now
Linux is a different story, BUT it is possible. The guys at the Asia
Pacific Grid have an excellent tutorial and patches for VIC that allow
Firewire cameras to work with the libdc control library. I use several
Firewire cameras with this.

Firewire DV cams are very different and probably won't work.

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