[AG-TECH] Mixing Linux versions under AGTK 1.2

Mike Weaver - MICS/USDOE weaver at er.doe.gov
Tue Apr 29 13:41:06 CDT 2003

Due to a really bad morning's worth of mis-adventures, we're faced with
rebuilding our video machine (AG 1.2 on RedHat 6.2).  in order to reduce
some of our support issues, we've wanted to upgrade both the audio & video
machines as far as AG 1.2 supports which seems to be RedHat 7.3.  Due to
schedule and priorities, etc... we may only be able to upgrade the video
machine at this time.    Does anyone know if there are any issues running AG
1.2 with a RH 6.2 audio machine and a RH 7.3 video machine?



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