[AG-TECH] AG Problem - VIC freezing

Mark Pellegrini pellegrm at nesc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 29 04:34:37 CDT 2003


I'm looking after the AG in the e-Science centre in Edinburgh.  We've
recently developed a problem that I can't figure out, especially as I'm
quite new to this.

After about 5 minutes of us being in a session all audio and video feeds
from other attending nodes freeze.  From talking to people over the MUD,
our audio and video is still functioning, as is that from the other

We've done some testing to try and isolate the problem.  I found that we
can restart other feeds in various ways, but only for about a minute and
a half, then the problem re-occurs.  If we exit and enter the venue
again, we can see and hear again for a shirt time; if we stop and
restart the VRM feeds at our end, things sort out briefly.  Killing the
VRM on the display node immediately restores audio, and this seems to
stay on.

If anyone has any advice on what I should be looking at, I'd be very

Mark Pellegrini 

Mark Pellegrini - pellegrm at nesc.ac.uk
Computing Support Officer - NeSC
Room 3.09  - eSI
South College St, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 650 9812

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