[AG-TECH] PIG echo canceller recommendations?

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Mon Apr 28 18:52:31 CDT 2003


My lab was going to send a couple of people to train some people
in Ontario, Canada.  Our people aren't allowed to go this month
because of SARS and they are looking for a way to meet their
schedule, so they hope to do the training using our AG node.

Ryerson is also in Ontario, but the primary person being trained
is actually several hours away and he will not go in to the city.
The people being trained have no AG experience, but we are hoping
to get them up on something like a laptop in a week or two.

If they have a powerful enough desktop, then we will get them to
add a Kritter Cam, microphone, and whatever else they need.
However it might be easier for me to set up a laptop and send it
to them.

I figure a 1GHz laptop would get them by for meetings with at
most three incoming video streams.  We really only need one
for screenshots of the application we are teaching (we can't
use a VNC server from within the firewall).

Does anybody know of an echo canceller for a desktop PC
that hasn't been cancelled?  The Polycom and Clearone solutions
have been, and I haven't been able to find a Lucent Talkbak
for sale on the web.



Andrew Shewmaker
Associate Engineer, INEEL
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