[AG-TECH] wxTaskBarIcon not in Linux

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 25 12:22:37 CDT 2003

I hesitate to bring this up, as I know all you AG2 developers are swamped,

I just recently updated my CVS checkout and when I tried to run the
bin/AGNodeService.py, I got:

  File "AGNodeService.py", line 134, in OnInit
    self.tbicon = wxTaskBarIcon()
NameError: global name 'wxTaskBarIcon' is not defined

It seems this class is only supported for Windows.  Not sure when this might
get caught, as I get the impression most of the developers are using Windows,
but thought I'd point it out.  Or is the message that folks should stick to
Windows for the time being?

I'm using wxPython-

ps. I'll go ahead and post this to bugzilla too, unless somebody tells me I'm
wrong, or "get lost", or "shutup", or...

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