[AG-TECH] AG2.0 and linux

Thomas Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 23 17:34:56 CDT 2003

Hi Dave:

Dave Semeraro wrote:

> Hello AG-TECHers,
> Well after a couple of days of frustration I finally got the 
> VenueClient to connect to the ANL
> venue. For reference my software state is the CVS update as of 5:35pm 
> on April 22. I am
> sure things have changed by now.
> My problem was that under linux I could not get the RunMe.py script to 
> connect. At first I
> was getting invalid url errors but that went away after a CVS update 
> or two. Finally I was getting
> python errors saying that venueState had no attribute called clients. 
> The VenueClient would then
> hang. I commented out the "for client in venueState.clients" loop and 
> had to comment out the
> "for service in venueState.services" loop in the VenueClient.py file 
> in the
> AccessGrid/AccessGrid directory. ( all this will make sense to those 
> of you who have messed
> with the code). That allowed the VenueClient to function.. sort of. I 
> had nothing under services or
> users in the gui. Probably because I commented that part out of the code.
> The venueState object
> gets initialized in a call to 
> "Client.Handle(URL).get_proxy().Enter(self.profile)". For some reason
> the clients data and services data are not set as a result of this 
> call. This call is found in the
> VenueClient.py file in the EnterVenue method. My head is starting to 
> swim with all the code
> tracing. Can anyone give me a clue as to why I have no clients or 
> services returned? I probably
> have a configuration file missing or something. 

This problem is a version mismatch between the venue server and venue 
client.  The venue client code you have is expecting clients and 
services in the venue state, but the server to which you are connecting 
(presumably vv2:9000)  is running beta3 code which does not include 
these in the venue state.  If you run a client and server from the same 
version of the code (both from beta3, say), they would be using the same 
definition of venue state, and this problem wouldn't occur.  You could 
do the same using cvs code, but then there are fewer guarantees.

> I was able to upload an image file to the venue but not download it. 
> Anyone have any idea of what I may be facing on that problem? 

If you can provide details on how to reproduce the problem, or text from 
exceptions that you saw, or .log files that captured details of the 
problem, we can debug it.  Ideally, of course, this info would be 
included with a bug report in bugzilla.



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