[AG-TECH] video capture / sound cards in one machine

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Thanks for all the info, we've got a much better idea of what's going on

However, should the need ever arise, would there be a problem having two
Video capture machines? each with two single input Video capture cards and
both runnig VIC?

Obviously not an ideal solution, but would it work and would it need any
extra configuration? other than configuring the extra machine in the same
way as the first? Would this cause any problems when using a multicast
bridge (i.e. Manchester Reflector)?

Thanks again

Phil McCormick

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On Thursday 10 April 2003 12:21 pm, Philip J McCormick wrote:
> Hi,
> We've hit a problem with our node installation. When we ordered our
> hardware we thought (or rather we were told) we could fit 32 bit PCI
> in 64 bit PCI card slots.
> However, now that our hardware has started to arrive and we've started to
> put the equipment together we've realised that the 32 bit PCI Win TV
> don't fit into 64 bit PCI slots.
> 2) out of curiosity, do any 32 bit PCI cards fit into 64 bit PCI slots or
> are they two completely different and incompatible technologies?
> 3) can anyone recommend 64 bit PCI Video Capture cards or sound cards? or
> 32 bit PCI video capture card that can take multiple s-video inputs?

You can search the archives here:

There was a recent thread related to PCI slots and multichannel capture

What we have found is that we get by fine with just three cameras.  At some
point we'll get a multichannel card...probably the Eagle Quattro ($760).
Others are successfully using the IVC-200 and the Falcon Quattro.

The Eagle has four Hirose connections which can be converted to s-video
no loss of quality (according to the vendor I spoke to) for $35 per
I believe that the IVC-200 and the Falcon have composite video connections
and the former is less than half as expensive as the Quattros.  When I
to a vendor about needing s-video adapters for the IVC-200 he said they
didn't have converters but that others might.

For a do it yourself option (I personally don't feel like doing this) see:

In terms of device driver support, the Eagle will have binary modules for
Linux at the end of April.  I just assumed that VIC would use anything
had a driver for, but maybe I shouldn't have made that assumption.


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