[AG-TECH] RedHat 9.0 Xinerama multi-display fixes

Douglas Kosovic douglask at dstc.edu.au
Fri Apr 11 01:26:11 CDT 2003


If you are using Redhat 9.0 with the Xinerama X11 multi-display
extension for an Access Grid Node, you might be finding the default
behavior of application window placements a bit annoying (e.g,
applications being placed on any arbitrary screen). If this is the case,
then you might find the following fixes and tips useful. 

If you are using the Redhat 9.0's default GNOME window manger,
Metacity-2.4.34, then a modified version which places windows on the
current Xinerama screen (i.e the one with the mouse pointer) can be
downloaded as either a RPM or SRPM from:


Gdm (GNOME Display Manager), which provides the X11 login greeter can be
configured to display the greeter on a particular Xinerama screen by
setting the XineramaScreen variable in:

GTK 2.2 based applications from Redhat 9.0 seem to have much better
Xinerama support than their GTK 2.0 Redhat 8.0 counterparts, e.g dialog
boxes don't span 2 screens.

Mozilla-1.2.1 has a bug with it's gfx/src/gtk/Makefile which prevented
the Xinerama library being linked in. So it doesn't have Xinerama
support. See the following for more details and a patch for the


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