[AG-TECH] Typical audio problem samples

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Apr 8 13:29:20 CDT 2003

Hi Frank,

Have you seen the ones in the new AG audio troubleshooting tutorial? 
They aren't completely comprehensive, but they're certainly a good 
start. This new tutorial is at the end of its review period and will be 
released to the public later this week; for the moment, here's how to 
access it:

> Please go to http://webct.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8900/public/AGIB/. At the 
> bottom of the page, select Login. Enter reviewer for both the userid 
> and password. Please review "Tutorial 6:  Access Grid Audio 
> Troubleshooting: An Elementary Guide for Technical Users ". 


Frank Sweetser wrote:

>To go along with the audio troubleshooting guides, has anyone though of putting
>up some samples of typical audio problems?  Ie, a bunch of wav files, one which
>sounds like typical packet loss, one which demonstrates clipping, one for gain
>problems, etc.

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