[AG-TECH] Voyager recording problems.

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Tue Apr 8 09:46:33 CDT 2003

It looks as if the whole Voyager system is either down or unavailable 
because of firewall or other problems.  I've written a couple of notes to 
Bob and Ivan about it, but they're probably head down in preparing for the 
Retreat and other stuff.  Perhaps someone else can take a look at it?


At 02:12 PM 4/7/2003 -0600, Jimmy Miklavcic wrote:
>I want to record our event on the 19th of April so I  figured that I 
>should start testing the recording process
>the voyager enabled rooms (Jack Frost & Full Sail). Each time I try to 
>invoke the voyager record client and
>after about 10 - 15 seconds, my browser says that the page at 
>http://ag-old.mcs.anl.gov:5803 can not be displayed. Is this a symptom of 
>an NTP problem?
>Jimmy Miklavcic
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>jhm at chpc.utah.edu
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>SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112-0190
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