[AG-TECH] AG Grid dream system

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Fri Sep 27 08:25:32 CDT 2002

Douglas Baggett wrote:
> Broadcast quality in my mind is really just a much more broad fuzzy term
> that means video that looks pretty good. Its pretty un-scientific  :-)
> I've been informed by some on this list that there is work being done to
> try out HDTV quality video over the grid, which would be interesting. As an
> AG operator, and not a researcher my interest is really seeing if current
> hardware that I could easily integrate into my current grid setup would
> make a qualitative difference that is worth going out and replacing what I
> have (currently dual 1Ghz systems with Matrox cards and WinTV capture
> cards). I'm sure people have other higher end systems that are better than
> what I have. I'm just curious as to results.

It's interesting to hear all the comments about AG enhancements.  At
the same time, I would humbly suggest that "the other end" is very
important, too.  Given that most of the Earth's population has minimal
to no network bandwidth, what kinds of things can we do to make an
AG-like environment available to those who have been "left out?"
I think it's interesting that much of this could be attacked by
asking the question, "what kinds of things can we do to make an 
AG-like environment available at home?"  Clearly, bandwidth is
the limiting factor - can we find ways to work with these constraints,
and can we do so in a way that somehow integrates with the high-level
features suggested in previous messages?  

I'm only on my third cup of coffee, so maybe I'm full of it, but it
seems to me that those who tackle these questions are going to have
a huge market waiting for them.

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