[AG-TECH] iGrid 2002 on the Access Grid

Vikas Chowdhry vchowdhr at cs.uic.edu
Wed Sep 25 02:39:56 CDT 2002


iGrid is a biennial International Grid event, concentrates on
visualizing what Grid can do.

This year iGrid, the iGrid2002 is being held in Amsterdam. The focus of
this year's event is e-science, Grid and Virtual Laboratory enabled by
bandwidths in excess of 10 gigabits per second, make it possible to
demonstrate new applications and areas in network technology.

There are more than 28 scientific groups from all over the world here at
Amsterdam to showcase application advancements and middleware
innovations enabled by globally connected high-performance networks.

The iGrid2002 conference is a meeting place for people from the
scientific and business community, to meet and discuss the opportunities
that lay ahead of us for both worlds.

EVL at UIC(www.evl.cs.uic.edu) and Surfnet(http://www.surfnet.nl/) are
providing live broadcast of this event in the Full Sail Room from 23rd
till 26th September. Typical timings for the events are from 10 AM till
5 PM(Amsterdam time). Specific information about the schedule can be had
from http://www.igrid2002.org/ .

Do Join Us.


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